Next Stage Choir is a fun, non-classical,
‘tutored’ community Choir where vocal development
and skill are as important as the development of the Choir itself

A very warm welcome

It is a known fact that singing reduces stress,
releases endorphins, promotes well-being,
aids a wides range of medical conditions and helps with confidence.
It's fun, progressive and a skill almost anyone can pick up.

The benefits of singing

Next Stage Choir is a great place to make new friends and share a passion for singing.
There's a great social scene for those wanting to get involved!
Joining a choir isn't just about singing...
It's about the great people you meet along the way.

Great Friendships

Without any obligation you can come along
and join a rehearsal, meet choir members
and have a great evening singing.

Come and Sing with Us

The choir is made up of people of all ages and ability who have one thing common.
They love to sing. The standard is high and no matter your ability,
you'll soon be up to speed with the support of great people.

Great Fun, Great People,
Great Music Making

You are in safe hands with professional musical director, Russell Scott.
With a career spanning over 35 years, Russell inspires, teaches
and leads Next Stage Choir to be their very best

A First Class
Musical Director

A very warm welcome to Next Stage Choir.

“Next Stage Choir is a fun, ‘tutored’ community Choir where vocal development and skill are as important as the development of the Choir itself”

Not only do we work on technique but also help on your singing skills, your vocal production and performance, as well as making great music together.

As a professional Producer, Musical Director and Vocal Coach, I have worked with singers, groups and Choirs for over fifteen years including working in and with leading amateur and professional choirs. I am excited to be involved and to continue my work with Next Stage Choir, working with singers of all ages and standards to help them improve and enhance their performance skills. We have built a friendly, dynamic and developing Choir, and one I hope everyone will be part of, and proud and excited to be involved with.

Russell Scott
Musical Director


The Choir rehearses in Marlow on Monday evenings from 7:30pm – 9:30pm.

Elliot Hall
Court Garden Leisure Complex
Pound Lane
Marlow SL7 2AE

Elliot Hall is accessed via the Leisure Centre.
Keep to the right and go upstairs.

St Albans

The Choir rehearses in St. Albans on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm – 9:30pm.

Campfield Road
St Albans AL1 5HN


The Choir rehearses in Aylesbury on Thursday evenings from 7:45pm – 9:45pm.

The Main Hall
Aylesbury Grammar School
Walton Road
Aylesbury HP21 7RP

The Main Hall is in the main building.
Please enter by the main entrance.

  • The Choir runs throughout the year for a minimum of 40 weeks with periodic holidays.
  • The Choir aims to perform in concerts throughout the year as well as run Workshops and Open Days.
  • Each rehearsal is 2hrs long.
  • You will not have to dance. Next Stage Choir ‘moves’ – we don’t ‘dance’!
  • We work from music scores, mostly in 4-part harmony. We don’t learn by ear, and you won’t have to learn ‘everything’ off by heart.
  • We work in a formal but fun seated environment.
  • The choir is fun, supportive and very friendly.
  • You will receive vocal support, help with technique and great advice.
  • Receive professional musical direction.
  • We warm up and work on vocal development at the start of each rehearsal.
  • We are a fun choir with a span of ages – there is a big social scene if you want one – so you can make new friends as well as make great music !
  • You do not have to attend every rehearsal – we appreciate people have a life outside of choir!
  • It’s great value for money as you pay one monthly subscription which includes a minimum of 40 sessions plus workshops and performances throughout the year.
  • We work from music scores, mostly in 4-part harmony. We don’t learn by ear, and you won’t have to learn ‘everything’ off by heart.
  • Do as many or as few projects as you would like to take part in.
  • The choir is fun, supportive and very friendly.
  • Learn new skills – how to read music, how to use your voice, and how to sing….. Well.

Book a Taster Session

Come along for a FREE TASTER SESSION without obligation and see just how great Next Stage Choir.

There is no audition to join Next Stage Choir, however, members must be able to keep pitch and, retain music and work with harmonies.

Three Commercial Recordings