Here’s this week’s briefing for Fri 21st June 2019


Here’s this week’s briefing!


Next week I will be working on:

  • Disney Movie Magic
  • ALL PIECES in preparation for upcoming performances (‘off book’)


There is no rehearsal at St Albans this week.

Concert Dress Code

Remember to check out the updated concert dress code in prep for this weekend’s performance view the information here.


A reminder please to ensure you have updated Your Commitments for the UK Choir Festival and Waterside Festival please.

Please also note you are requested that in the event you need to make a change to a commitment within 2 weeks of the event, you must ALSO notify Karen directly.


We hope to have the booking process in place this coming week.

Waddesdon SummerFest

Whilst the rehearsal is currently stated as 6-10pm, it is likely I will call Next Stage Choir slightly later (probably 6:45pm). You will still need to allow plenty of time to arrive and park (information to follow next week).