Frequently Asked Questions

No, most members don’t read music, though some do. It helps but really doesn’t make a vast difference in terms of your membership, as the way we work is about understanding what you are singing and how you are singing it – being in the Choir will help you learn how to read music and how to follow music scores.
One of the great things about Next Stage Choir is that we accept singers of all levels, without prior audition, from people who have never sung a note, to the more learned professional. Without any doubt your vocal skills will improve in time and continue to develop.
Yes indeed, not only are we a performance Choir, but we are a tutored Choir which means you will receive ongoing vocal training during your time in the Choir. We do warm ups at the start of each rehearsal and work on technique, breath control and vocal development. We also work in several different ways, for example not just sat in the normal choral formation, but also work in the round, and we have sectional rehearsals from time to time.

Sadly not, as the choir is directed as a group, and there isn’t time to work with members on a 1-2-1 basis

When solos are required we almost always ask Choir members to volunteer to be considered for the opportunity. In some cases, we invite Choir members to do a solo based on the chorus director’s artistic discretion. At some concerts we offer members the opportunity to perform whole songs. There is no obligation to do solos, nor is it forced upon, but of course if you have a good voice, we’d love to hear from you…. as would the audience!

When you first join the Choir we can either hear you sing a few bars so we can ascertain which voice part you are suited to, or you can start in one voice part and move to another at any time if you feel it more comfortable, or the Chorus Director feels you would be more suited.

We appreciate our members have lives outside of Choir, and so do not expect members to give 100% commitment (though we do encourage it of course!). You are not obliged to attend every rehearsal or perform in every concert.

Yes, we encourage it. Come along for one Choir rehearsal before joining, to see if you like it. There is no commitment to sign up there and then, and no pressure selling. If you come along and enjoy it, which we are sure you will, then we’d hope you will join us.

We have members from all walks of life and with varying amounts of experience. Everyone is a little apprehensive if they’ve never done something before, but we are an incredibly friendly and non-pressured Choir, and having fun is key, whilst learning and developing. Come along and give it a try!

If you have any questions there are always people around to help, whether it be the Chorus Director or Choir Manager, Choir Liaison Officer or indeed Voice Representative. Yes, each voice part has it’s own representative to help their section. They are there to make you feel welcome, as well as assist with any questions you may have.

In the unlikely event you decide to cancel your membership, new members (those who have not been members before) can cancel their membership at any time in writing during their first month of membership without notice. They will however not receive a refund of any subscription paid. For the second and third months of membership, members can cancel their membership giving just one full calendar months’ notice. After this time the notice period is three full calendar months. If you have been a member before, members can cancel their membership at any time in writing giving three full calendar months’ notice. Joining fees are non-refundable. Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure any standing orders or monthly Paypal arrangements are cancelled after the final payment(s) are made. Any refunds required after this time will incur an admin fee of £10. If you decide to re-join at any time, a further joining fee will be charged.


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